Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day on the SHT reflections

It's now a couple days since my first twenty-five miles on the SHT. A few thoughts:

• The trail is in very good shape. There are sections which are a bit overgrown but most is manicured with a foot of cut grass on either side of the treadway. It is probably in as good or better shape than most of the AT. It sure helps that there is no mud.

• The trail is also pretty easy. There are no 2000 foot climbs to sap your energy — it's just a few short hills.

• After hearing about the state bird of Minnesota (the mosquito) I didn't see any of them. Or any wildlife, really, except for some deer on the road in Duluth.

• I need to eat more when I am hiking. I managed to go in to major calorie deficit which carried over in to Monday. It was partially cured by more than a pound of brats from TJ's in Mahtowa on the way home.

• The color of the rock — generally bright red — is really amazing, especially as the sun gets lower.

• Lake Superior is really beautiful.

• My legs can take 25 miles. It's time for my first marathon hike of this year. I hiked one marathon last year and, oh, fifteen the year before.

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